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Additional Floor For The Primrose Baby Windmill

Additional floor for Primrose Baby Windmill.

A new product has just been released; the Sylvanian Baby bathroom.

This product can be added to The Primrose Baby Windmill and also it can join onto any other parts of The Primrose Baby Windmill

Note: This product does not come with any figures.


Sylvanian Families Guinea Pig Family

Sylvanian Families Guinea Pig FamilyThe guinea pig family includes Andrew, Peter, Penny and Nicola Pettyfur.

It also includes the guinea pig babies Simon and Lindsay Pettyfur which come with a bed, one each, blue for Simon and pink for Lindsay. They also each come with a bottle.

Each figure comes with a pair of clothes that are removable and can be put on a different figure.


Sylvanian Familes Baby Fairground House

Sylvanian Family Baby Fairground HouseYou can buy all of the parts to the playground separately.

Baby Fairground House

It includes a beautiful baby playground with two pretty wendy houses.

Baby Tea Cup Ride

Turn the handle and watch your Sylvanians whirl round and round.

(Two baby sylvanians included)

Baby Ferris Wheel

Turn the handle to rotate the ferris wheel.

Baby Train Play House

The baby train playhouse includes a climbing frame, ladders, slide and a picnic table.


Badger Baby

Sylvanian Families Badger BabyElla Underwood's personality is still developing but so far she is showing signs of being a great thinker and just loves to sit on the caravan and watch the world go by.

Hugh Underwood has already made his mark on Sylvania and is showing a great interest in construction of buildings.


Badger Family

Sylvanian Families Badger FamilyThe Badger Family are known in Sylvania as the Underwoods and includes Father Benjamin Underwood, Mother Beatrix Underwood, Brother Byron Underwood and Sister Bess Underwood.

Benjamin Underwood and his family are wandering Sylvania in their caravan. Benjamin is an expert at mending broken furniture and putting up shelves.

Beatrix Underwood is a very capable badger indeed. Her father had always inspired her with his motoring stories and so from an early age, Beatrix became interested in the mechanics of any vehicle with wheels.

Byron Underwood takes after his grandfather who was the Sylvanian society photographer of his day.

Bess Underwood is known for her striking features, and her beauty is the talk of Sylvania.


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